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Slipways and ramps for dry docking

The unique feature of the SUBLIFT is that it is submersible – that the boat is picked up from and brought back into the water without any reloading. To access the water a slipway or a ramp is naturally required. Often a slipway is ready available and usable. It can be for instance a concrete ramp. In other cases there is just a beach. On a beach a temporary or fixed ramp can be arranged by use of U-shaped steel beams that normally is used as pile sheets. From a quay a ramp on a space frame can be designed. Each harbor, slipway and conditions are local and individual hence SUBLIFT can be of assistance for inspecting existing ramps, designing and projecting of new ramps and slipways. Under “Our models” the maximum slope, and other technical data, is given for each model can carry when fully loaded.