Pre-owned boat hoist for sale

The boat hoist listed below are hoist for sale owned by people who have bought or are close to ordering a new Sublift.

The boat hoist are for sale by the boat owner. Swede Ship Sublift can assist with inspection of Sublift before sale.

Click on the boat hoist type to get an equipment list, photos and contact details.

Sublift 12T - 2002 for sale

NYSS (Nyköping’s Sailing Society) is selling a used Sublift 12 that will be available for delivery in June 2022. The sublift has been in operation since 2002 and has been continuously maintained and is in good condition. As of April 2022, the operational hours are 32,330, and it will be used for NYSS’ yearly launches during the spring. VAT has already been payed.

Price: 595,000 SEK or highest bid.

Shipyard manager:  Richard Heuberger +46 70-271 70 01

Sublift 12T Sold June - 2021

Trälhavets Båtklubb offers a used Sublift 12T for delivery during the month of June 2021.
The sublift is from 2011 and has the new control unit from Datek. Electric strap lock on both the rear and front pistons, mounted on the left side.
The sublift is continuously maintained and in good condition. The maximum width for straddling the boat’s side support is 2700 millimeters. The operating hours at the turn of the year 2020/21 are 2222 ‑ hours. The sublift will be used during the club’s normal launches in the spring of 2021. Why the operating hours will increase marginally.
VAT is paid for this Sublift.
Trälhavets Båtklubb requests a written tender no later than 31 March 2021 for a position.
Tenders are sent to:
Trälhavets Båtklubb
Båthamnsvägen 18
184 40 Åkersberga
Alternatively to: